Hope Guides Me

“Hello Shawnigan!” from our new EcoClub president, and club secretary, Kim! A heartfelt thank you to Steve Elskens who guided us so well in our first year!

I hope I may be of service as we grow in our second year of doing acts of kindness for our community! In fact, HOPE is my answer for just about everything.

I hope to take time with each of you to listen and learn from your heart for people and nature and how we can live even more intentionally and responsibly.

I hope that together we’ll have even more of a positive impact, as more and more groups are reaching out to be able to collaborate with us. We can trust the influence and support of Rotary to help us to fulfill these needs – with just a bit of creativity on our part!

Most importantly, I hope to help continually make our Shawnigan Lake Rotary EcoClub super accessible – so that people can enjoy belonging to our group, no matter what their abilities, means or professional status. I hope to meet even more of us who are simply committed to being kind and caring humans – and to foster the kind of environment where we can learn from each other. I’m listening! Shawnigan needs our example, so thank you all.

This November marks my 5th year as a Rotary club member, and honestly it’s been a tremendous journey of personal growth that I hope to share, to benefit others! Rotary offers an outstanding leadership program. It’s all part of the work they do for us, and with us! Hope guides me, that we are not alone. I see what’s possible!


Kim Barnard

EcoClub Secr-ident and Story-gatherer


250-732-0531 text/mobile

Admin Assistant at the Shawnigan Basin Society‘s Watershed Stewardship office – Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays 10-2pm

ALL ARE WELCOME at this dedicated Community Table that seats 24!
(p.s. Can you spot “Aerial the Trash Mermaid by Victoria artist Tanya Bub? She was here this summer to help bring awareness to the Impacts of Our Plastic Waste, having been created from the plastic bags and wrap from a family of four over one year’s time!)

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